Dublin Zoo 1, Ireland 2012

It sounds great, doesn’t it? Living in a zoo. All your needs catered for. No need to worry about tomorrow, Always provided with an appropriate partner. So why aren’t I happy?

I know I’m reading too much in the expression of this male tiger. I guess tigers can be pensive as well as fierce.

I’m usually not much of a zoo-fan. I know you are supposed to take your kids to the zoo, but I never quite figured out what the attraction is for the children, and mine will usually talk about the play ground rather than the animals. But we had booked room at the Ashling Hotel and the deal came with tickets for the zoo so why not.

The first exotic feature came at the gates. We were waiting in line with an all-boys class. My 8-year old daughter had the hardest time grasping the concept (nothing like it in Denmark), but I have a feeling she thought it was a pretty good idea. What are boys for anyway….


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