Lattice 3, Ireland 2012

Yesterdays lattice was from… Dublin Castle. We passed the garden on the way to the Chester Beatty Library.

The Chester Beaty Library was one of my attempts at insisting we saw some sights of cultural value as well. Somehow children’s go tired the moment they hear the word “museum”. That’s why I only go for museums with free admission. At least we don’t have to get into the argument of how much we paid to get in but can leave fast when required.

The Chester Beatty Library was a hit, though. There was the most beautiful exibition of handwritten and handpainted manuscripts and miniature paintings through the ages. I adore the islamic miniature art of which we have a fine collection in Copenhagen (David’s Collection) and I could have spent days studying the collection in Dublin. I’ll have to return some day because time (and the patience of my family) only allowed for a fast walk-through.

The kids did enjoy themselves as well, though. There was a table on the landing outside the manuscript collection with crayons and postcards you could colour. And what a wonderful idea to leave out two carefully coloured examples of the oriental motive to inspire. Even my 11-year old son refused to leave before he has finished. Which left time for Peter and I to take coffee in another covered courtyard.

Here’s a second shot from todays mystery lattice.


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