Lattice 5, Ireland 2012

And yesterday’s lattice was from… National Museum of Ireland, Kildare Street branch. This was one more free museum. I loved this about Dublin. We visited two branches of the National Museum.

One was right next to the Ashling Hotel and featured “The way we wore” about dress and accessories through centuries. The moment the kids caught sight of a computer screen as part of the exhibition, though, it was hard to get them to move. I don’t think the exhibition made much of an impression but they loved the touch screen – big sigh. I try to tell myself that if just one item in a museum makes an impression on either of them it’s a succes.

The branch in Kildare Street is a good size, not too big. The building is beautiful, and they have a magnificient collection of gold from the bronze age. I loved it. The children loved the museum store 🙂


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