Project Amagerbrogade 132, 9-2013

Karin Ott

I browsed the internet today looking for information about the history of Amagerbrogade 132. That was surprisingly easy to find though it’s all in Danish 🙂

My first source was the register of buildings (something to that extend anyway). There it is listed that the building is from 1908 and that the second of the two floors was an apartment. BUT – note this! It is listed that there was no toilet in the building, only in the backyard was there a water closet. There was also no bathroom nor access to any. Surprised no one lived there anymore? Even if the roof hadn’t been leaking?

It was quite common though. This was more than 100 years ago you have to remember. My dear friend Anne, who’s closing in on 60 years, grew up in an apartment without a bathroom on Vesterbro. She went to the bath house when the family needed a good wash.

I also recall a friend who lived in an old apartment on Østerbro, also part of central Copenhagen. He had a toilet halfway down the back stairs that he shared with the neighbour and a shower booth in his bedroom. This city is more than 1,000 years old! Certainly not all was built with all modern amenities…


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