Guinea pigs

Karin Ott

My postings have been a bit inconsistant. I apologize – mostly to myself, I guess. You see the reason above. Two weeks ago we aquired two guinea pigs. They are the most adorable, cudly little creatures, and we tend to bring them out even when the children are asleep. And there’s just so much typing you can do while petting a guinea pig so I’ve fallen quite behind.


3 thoughts on “Guinea pigs

    • The little guy in the photo is Nullergøj. It translate pretty much to Cutie Pie – my daughter’s and she’s nine 🙂 His brother is named Dumle after a chocolate covered candy of pretty much the same colour as him.

      Funny, because I had a guinea pig as a teenager but don’t remember it as this cute and cuddly. Maybe because it was all on it’s own with no company. That was before the internet and I didn’t know any better.

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