Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – 2

Karin Ott

I feel very privileged in having press accreditation to the Eurovision Song Contest. The only taker for my photos (and words for a change) is a small, monthly local paper. So I can do what I want – no agenda. Which brings me back to why I applied in the first case. I love stories!

10,000 people with accreditation. 1,600 press people from 80 countries. 90,000 people attending 9 shows, 180 mill. watching on television… Every single part of me was itching to get to experience, and document, this huge event from the inside. To go where I would not normally be able to go and take pictures. My idea is to show what goes on behind the actual show though of course it is impossible for me to resist great lines and colour. Todays image fulfill both these desires. The pavilion is part of the press area and the large building looming in the background contains the stage. Tomorrow I get to go in.


4 thoughts on “Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – 2

  1. How cool. How did you manage this? I’ve only just started my own little reviews on my blog this year but would love something like this to happen to me 🙂

    • Hi Steve,

      Even my friends ask, “how did you manage that?”, but I think the point is I act on all interesting opportunities even if i can’t see where they’ll lead.

      I got the press accreditation because I applied even though it said there was limited space. I was able to apply because I work as volunteer photographer for a small local newspaper. I signed up as volunteer because I got talking to a guy this winter while I shooting by the beach in the fog and he suggested I try. And so I did.

      I go for every idea that grabs me and makes me feel excited. From that sometimes comes a new line in my CV but always joy and excitement like now with being behind the scenes. I’ve tried let my brains do the talking but it doesn’t work as well as when I leave it to my heart 🙂

      • Wow! You’re an inspiration. Thanks for your reply and enjoy the concert. Pass on my reviews to the entries 🙂 Well, maybe not the bad ones lol

      • Funny thing is I’m not much into the EU Song Contest. I just want to photograph it – along with three other projects at the moment 🙂 A unique chance that may never come again.

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