Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – 4

Karin Ott

My posts are longer than my usual ‘one photo a day’ during the Eurovision Song Contest as I am in this unique position. I hope you’ll either bear with me or enjoy it 🙂

The EU Song Contest is not meant to be taken too serious. It’s grand show with glittering dresses, eomotional ballads, colourful pop songs – all perfect for bringing out your inner diva. Humour – voluntary or not – is large part of the tradition too as well as plenty of space for people who are a little out of the ordinary.

Above is the Polish entry. Yes, that is an overblown cleavage in the background. You should see what the young women are doing to the laundry and the butter churner. I must say they are very thorough.

Karin Ott

Karin Ott

The Austrian entry calls for different emotions. But there’s a bit more to it than just a diva dress. Conchita Wurst wears the dress with long hair as well as a well trimmed beard.

Karin Ott

Not your average song contest…

A little tech stuff at the end. I always like to read the ‘what’s in the bag’ section on photographers websites. So what’s in mine for this event?

Karin Ott

Wel, certainly not this lens! I have very little to work with. This is part convenience and part economy. Okay, muscle strength as well…

I’m a ‘one camera, one lens’ kind of gal. I have a Nikon D5100 (a midrange DX) and I take most of these images with a 50 mm 1.8 prime lens. That’s it. I do plan to experiment with my 55-200 mm next time but the prime is a better lens and the zoom needs more light – not readily available. I combine my preferred lens with 2500 ISO and a single focus point.


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