With These Hands – A Story of Creation

Karin Ott

I’d like to share another story with you. Above is a picture of the art work ‘Floating Island of Pearls’. The official opening was yesterday. below is why I’m showing you this.

Karin Ott

The 1.8 * 1.8 meter square of images in the foreground is created by me. Isabel Berglund knitted her amazing work of art with the help of 47 women. I saw her poster asking for volunteers right when the project was starting. “What a wonderful photo opportunity,” I thought and contacted Isabel.

You see the result here. In the end I was invited by Isabel to exhibit along with her. My goal was to create a kind of baby book to show the island how it had come to be created. With mainly close-ups of hands knitting and working with shallow depth of field I tell the story of creation to complement the viewing of the actual art work. Here are a few more images from yesterday.

Karin Ott



Karin OttKarin Ott


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