McMenamins, Bend, US, 2014

Karin Ott

I got a new camera. Not a replacement but a major upgrade, from Nikon D5100 to D610. If this is greek to you, don’t worry. You can live quite happily, probably more so, without knowing about cropped sensors and full frame. Let’s just say that I am very happy, intrigued – and not yet able to figure out all the settings. But what better place to practice than on a US vacation. Because I have to figure out the settings to take the images I want to take along the way.

Here are the first few examples from my current vacation. I’m sure many more will follow in due time 🙂

This image is from the soaking pool at McMenamins Old St. Francis School in Bend, OR – a catholic school from 1936 turned into a hotel, brew pub, movie theatre and more.



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