Project Amagerbrogade 132 Introduction, 1-2013

I’m sorry I’ve been falling just a little behind here. The reason is I wanted to sort through a major bunch of pictures to introduce a project while you still have a chance to follow it as I go.

Here’s the story: Amagerbrogade is The main street where I live. It runs for miles, from the bridge to central Copenhagen all the way to the airport. It changes character several times but the address where this story takes place is in the first part, before it becomes lined with trees.

Amagerbrogade 132 has become more and more derelict during the years I have lived here. It was once, I’m sure, a charming red brick building two stores high. I remember the shoe store before it closed. I never saw the watch shop nex to it while it was still open. I only ever saw the abandoned windows. And whatever was around the corner next to the watch store was lost before I moved here.

The local plan allowed for the condemned building to be torn down and replaced by up to five stories of apartments. This is what has happened everywhere else here on Amager. But something’s different this time. Instead of being torn down, the building is being renovated – and I’ve been allowed to follow the process with my camera.

I will mostly be posting images that I personally find artistic, beautiful and/or compelling, but today I want to post a few pictures to give you an idea of the place.

Karin Ott

This is the facade down the side street – the part I didn’t know what was. I can see from the old signs now that it used to be a dry cleaner that would also press and dye your clothes.

Karin Ott

The back yard…

Karin Ott

And a view from inside the top floor. Homeless people had made it a bit too much their own so the partitions were torn down a couple of years ago.


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