Project Amagerbrogade 132, 2-2013

Karin Ott

The two story building on Amagerbrogade 132 has intrigued me for years. More than eight years ago I tried to contact the owner at the time to see if I could buy it for the café I wanted to establish. No luck – though probably ‘luck’ is not the right word considering the state it was in already then.

I resently read in the local newspaper that an entrepeneur had managed to both buy the building and convince a chain of steak houses to establish themselves in Copenhagen at this particular spot. Driving by the small-town-USA-looking building one day, as I often do, I suddenly thought, “! wish I could photograph the renovation!” I got in touch with Jan Elving of Øens Murerfirma and got the go ahead. As far as I know, no one else is recording the transformation of this local ‘landmark’.

The images I’m about to share are all from my first visits inside. Already now there is only a shell left and what you see over the next couple of weeks is gone.


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