Remember spring? 1-2013

Karin Ott

Okay, so it’s the end of summer and any day now we’ll wake up to crips, cool mornings filled with dew knowing the days will get ever shorter. I’ve dug into my store of blog-worthy images (in my opinion anyway) and put together a series of shots from this spring.

This first one you can wonder if it’s spring or fall but you can almost sense the power that is just about to break loose…


2 thoughts on “Remember spring? 1-2013

  1. You must be keen for springtime again! I am not looking forward to summer, but yes our springtime is nice, but foreboding as well. Giving us a hint of the oppressive heat to come. Springtime is so short for both of us, in different ways!

    • Yes and no 🙂 I find contrasts interesting and looking at photos from the spring when we’re at the other end of the cycle might bring us a deeper experience.

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