“You can always find something to photograph…”

Does that sentence also make you want to say something obscene? Yesterday, though, I had to very reluctantly agree as a little piece of magic happened.

I was asked to take some shots of the very first spring flower. It should be in the small patch of green surrounded by buildings and it was raining so no light to speak of. There was only a drizzle left when I ventured out with my non-weather-proof camera. Below is what I found. First straight out of the camera, the images are only compressed. Nothing else. Next you’ll see the result of a bit of Lightroom time and a vignette preset. Not exactly original, not even completely sharp but a whole lot better than what I would have thought after 5 minutes of shooting where there was nothing to photograph and no light.

Karin Ott 20140219-02-48-16 20140219-02-48-49

Karin Ott vignet-lille-erantis1 vignet-lille-vintergæk2


Remember spring? 1-2013

Karin Ott

Okay, so it’s the end of summer and any day now we’ll wake up to crips, cool mornings filled with dew knowing the days will get ever shorter. I’ve dug into my store of blog-worthy images (in my opinion anyway) and put together a series of shots from this spring.

This first one you can wonder if it’s spring or fall but you can almost sense the power that is just about to break loose…