Canvas work

Karin Ott

“Time heals all wounds”

I spent all day yesterday on a project that has waited a long time – editing all the photos of my canvas work. I needed Lightroom to do that as all the shots needed straightening. The mounted photo canvases are all 60*60 cm with the photos sewn onto the canvas with cross stiches at each corner. There’s no photoshop involved. All elements are cut and glued and all photos are as shot.

Below are the rest of the canvases I just posted on my portfolio, now in a quality I dare put my name to. These plus many more are exhibited at Ishøj Kultur Café, Denmark, until Tuesday.

Karin Ott

“Tug in”

Karin Ott

“Take me for a ride”

Karin Ott

“A rose is a rose is a rose”

Karin Ott

“The veil”

Karin Ott

“Invasion of the body snatchers”

Karin Ott

“What the?!”


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