Muir Woods 5, 2014

Karin Ott

Studying the trunks in details, it’s easy to see why they are called ‘Redwoods’

Starting up again

Karin OttFor personal reasons this blog has been inactive for some time. It is my plan to start up again now and I have the first series ready. First, though, I want to share on of the images in the only art series I have been working on since October. The title of this image is ‘The World Is Outside My Window’.


“You as a child”

Karin Ott


A last example of submission to Lenscratch‘ open on-line exhibitions – one image per person and all gets shown. The theme here was ‘you as a child’. I chose the image ‘Still Mommy’s Little Girl’ form my self portrait series.

I took a current head shot, cut out so the picture of me around age three could be placed in the newer photo and re-photographed.