Marin County Fair 3, SF 2013

Karin Ott

One of my fondest memories from the fair was asking directions from two police officers. We were getting a bit tired from walking back and forth through the fair ground in the heat and wanted to make sure we were heading the right way to hear Weird Al Yankovic.

I remember Weird Al from my year at college in the early 80’ies with classic spoofs like ‘Girls just wanna have lunch, ‘Like a surgeon’ and ‘Fat’. A later favorite is ‘Armish paradise’. For some reason my son had taken a liking to him even without knowing the original versions of the songs. And here was a chance to see him live!

We got talking to the officers and what amazed them above anything else was that a family from Denmark would know about Weird Al. We all parted on a very happy note.


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