Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – 6

Karin OttI miss the stage – the whole space in fact. I haven’t been able to go in for two days now and I miss it. Who says there’s no such thing as magic? Look at these flames. See that small person next to them? The flames must be about 4 meters high. I felt the heat from them from where I was standing. Probably not a good idea to combine them with a wind machine, though. Singed hair smells nasty.

So while I’m waiting to go back in tomorrow – or out? Perhaps it’s a portal 🙂 Let me share with you a few more glimpses of the technical equipment that makes the wonders come alive.

Karin Ott

This is not a particularly great shot but it shows the control center in front of the stage as well as people watching the performers. If you can’t make out the array of television cameras on rails, don’t worry. I have second one.

Karin Ott

This part of the control center is halfway up the seating area. The two different backgounds (cubes and back wall) have been programmed for 37 different performances.

Karin Ott

Another view of the television cameras right in front of the stage. By default the space is dark blue. It makes it possible to create some dreamy, surreal images, this being one of them. And here’s another slightly surreal techy image to end today’s post.

Karin Ott



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