Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – 9

Karin Ott

I want to show some more images of the scene. This is how tall the wall of cubes is – notice the figures in the right hand corner.

Karin Ott

The floor of the scene is also a multimedia screen. The V-shaped part with the circles in it is filled with water as a tribute to the halls history as a ship yard. The circle is where flames, steam and fire works come out. The two ‘run ways’ leading from the center can be used both as part of the performance or as here, in the case of Conchita Wurst, as a screen.

Karin Ott

By the time Spain was rehearsing ‘Dancing in the rain’ in the last round of open rehearsals I think most of us thought we’d seen it all but there was an audible gasp when huge rain drops began beating down and collect at the bottom of the cubes. The song is not my personal favorite but the effect was!

Karin Ott


Finally one of the dreamy blue images I first created by accident and later added to my collection on purpose. Already this is history. The last rehearsal I attended was a dress rehearsal yesterday – the last one open to the press – and rather to my surprise 6000 kids had been brought in to create an authentic mood.


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