Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – 8

Karin Ott

One of the things I was really curious about when I got the accreditation was what a press center looks like from the inside. Well, here is one of my accredited colleagues.

Karin Ott

The press center has 800 work places, laptops available on request. This picture is from my very first day – Tuesday last week. Not exactly crowded… As the live transmission has come closer, obviously more people began to show. I dropped by last evening when the first semifinal was being transmitted directly.

Karin Ott

Apparently it is a tradition that the press delegation from the country of the performer on stage cheers their champion on or at least show their support. What I found very amusing was how camera crew inside of the tent would literally run from one end to the other as soon as the support group changed with the artist on stage.

Karin Ott


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