Christianshavn 1, 2012

I usually post ‘clean’ pictures here. In this case, though, I played with my camera’s feature of fixing one color and rendering the rest black/white.
This shot is from a part of Copenhagen called Christianshavn. It is very old land fill and is littered with canals. A little further on there’ll be a whole series from Christinashavn.


2 thoughts on “Christianshavn 1, 2012

    • Thanks, Lisa 🙂 In order to fix a color, I think you need to have the RAW-format. Then you use the Menu bottom to the left, choose the second last icon on the left (retouch menu), scroll down a couple of pages on the right till you get to Selective Color on the last page. You then choose your picture, zoom in to the area with the color you want to select. Once you’re done and save, the camera willroduce a copy and will keep the original picture untouched.

      You can fix up to three colors, pretty cool effect. The only thing is that when you do it like this rather than use Photoshop, you can experience some ‘bleeding’ of colors, e.g. a pair of red shorts will cause some of the color on the legs to stay a shade of red with the rest in black/white.

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