Christianshavn 1, 2012

I usually post ‘clean’ pictures here. In this case, though, I played with my camera’s feature of fixing one color and rendering the rest black/white.
This shot is from a part of Copenhagen called Christianshavn. It is very old land fill and is littered with canals. A little further on there’ll be a whole series from Christinashavn.

Kronborg Castle 1 – 2012

Kronborg Castle is the most famous castle in Denmark. It was allegedly the home of Hamlet and certainly one of the most important Renaissance castle in Northern Europe – and I didn’t take a picture of it…

I only had a short time there, I stick my promise to not photograph the obvious, and I didn’t enter the castle.

What you see here is part of the battlement reflecting in the moat. The reflection was only the second thing I noticed. The first thing was the line of downspouts.

Copenhagen Cablepark – 2, 2012

After following the advice of all experienced photographers and show patience I realized by my third visit to the Copenhagen Cablepark, that the story I could tell, what fascinated me, was the water. The wakeboarders were cool, awesome people but I was almost hypnotizedby the movement of the water.