Nature Day 2, Amager Beach 2014

Karin Ott

On this Sunday several local organisations were hosting a nature event by the beach. Yesterday’s image showed a young girl all eager to collect stones on the beach and talk about them afterwards. Reality was it was hard for me to find anyone to photograph at all as it had been pouring down all morning.

I had dragged my own daughter along but she was not about to go collect any stones. Instead one of the sweet volunteers showed her a game with stones even my mother played when she was a child.


The 8 House 7, Copenhagen 2014

Karin Ott

The idea behind the 8 House is for it to function like a mountain village with houses perched on the hill sides and paths for people to walk through the village. I’ve been following the project from before they finished building it and have posted quite a few images by now of the clean and, to me, beautiful lines of the building. From tomorrow I’ll be sharing some images of what real life looks like at the 8 House.

Winter in Denmark 9, 2013

Karin Ott

On a fortunate morning in February, there was frost on the ground and fog in the air. I couldn’t get the kids to school fast enough, threw my camera in my car, and headed straight for the beach. I was hoping the fog would hold and it did. This is from the lawn behind the marina by the beach. The round doughnut looking things are orange benches.

David Collection 3, Copenhagen 2014

Karin Ott

This is one of my personal favorites in the Islamic collection at the David Collection. I’ll tell you why tomorrow 🙂

Mr. David was a lawyer who left behind a substancial amount of money. Until his deathhe had mostly collected odds and ends from Europe. You will find a couple of beautiful paintings by Hammerhøj, but when the trust fund had a new man in charge he recognized the niche of an Islamic Collection. Since the 70’ies the fund has been buying up Islamic art and now have an amazing collection – all free of charge.