Christianshavn 4, 2012

No words needed, I think…


4 thoughts on “Christianshavn 4, 2012

    • Hi Veronica 🙂 Copenhagen is so manegeable and easy to get around it that there is really no excuse not to look beyond the usual sights. I’ll be happy to give some suggestions. What area will you be staying in and for how long? It sounds like you’ll be here during the winter?

      • We’re staying in a home that is only 10-20 minutes from the city center. I don’t know the name of the area – my husband takes care of all that. We’ll be there the last week of December. Hoping for a white Christmas. So far we have the porcelain museum, design museum, and the “Elsinore” castle on our list. Perhaps a day trip to Mälmo.

      • All Danes hope for a white christmas 🙂 It rarely happens so don’t get your hopes up to high. More likely it will be around zero and raining 🙂
        There are a number of districts around Copenhagen center: Amager, Christianshavn, Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Østerbro. They all have their own flavour. It sounds like you are staying in one of them. I recommend that you take time to walk around the local neighbourhood.
        Copenhagen has a ton of nice cafés – no chain stores (with one exception). In cafés in Copenhagen you can have brunch, drink coffee, eat dinner, munch brownies and get microbrewery beers. Before we had kids, my husband and I would go ‘café-hopping’ starting with brunch, go for a walk, have coffee, go for a walk, have a beer, go for a walk and round off with dinner or take-away. Highly recommended!
        In general I recommend Christianshavn, the streets Ravnsborggade/Elmegade on Nørrebro, Værnedamsvej out Vesterbrogade.

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