Christianshavn 3, 2012

Two pictures in the same post? Here’s why: This next series is from Christianshavn, a small, artificial island made from landfill located between the island Amager, where I live, and Copenhagen City, situated on the island Sjælland.

Christianshavn was founded in the early 17’th century. In my childhood most of the area was badly kept, but now it is a charming, renovated neighbourhood – attractive both because of the old buildings, the canals and the proximity to the city, yet with almost a village feel to it. The only problem is finding ways to photograph Christianshavn!

How can that be? Well, it’s almost too pretty and so it gets to be boring. I did find a way, a kind of kaleidoscopic puzzle, but before I post those pictures I wanted to give people not familiar with Copenhagen some idea about what the place looks like. Thus the two traditional tourist shots in this post.


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