The Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon

I’ve just got a shot accepted for a group exhibition! The headline is “Field notes: Landscape and Architecture”. Frankly I can’t tell you why I submitted. I didn’t think I’d make to the exhibit because when I see architecture photography it seems a much more grand way of showing than I use. But the gallery is in Portland, a city I feel connected to, so I pushed the PayPal button and went through my files.

Field Notes: Landscape and Architecture, June 1-20, 2013
Black Box Gallery, 811 East Burnside St. Suite 212, Portland Oregon 97214

I’m very excited about this shot below being selected. It’s from the series I shot late last summer at The 8 House. I had only been photographing for about a month at that time. You can see all the shots from that area here.

Stairway to heaven


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