My new toy

Karin Ott

I got a new toy in the mail today! A Holga plastic lens adapted to my Nikon DSLR… I only had time for a few shots where I stopped for coffee but it looks very intersting. I did need to read the guide to attach it but other than that it’s easy. I have to use the M-setting or it says there is no lense. I can change the apature but not the F-stop. Focus is a choice of four different settings on the lens.

Karin Ott

Always think of Stephen Kng when I see the elephant from this angle – it scares the shit out of me.

Karin Ott

As I’ve read it you are recommended to only shoot with the DSLR-adapted Holga lens where there is a lot of light but I kinda like this look. I did make the image a bit brighter in Lightroom but not a lot.

Karin Ott

Karin Ott


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