Amager Beach, Holga 1, 2014

Karin Ott

Back at the ice cream van – but this time with my new friend Holga. She may come cheap but she sure has a lot of personality.

Holga is a camera brand originating in Hong Kong with the purpose of bringing affordable photography to the Chinese. The cameras are made all of plastic and in time the special look you get from wobbly plastic and light leaks have created its own following.

I do have a real Holga camera. I even have some films waiting in the fridge. But as I haven’t yet figured a way to be able to afford to have them developed and scanned, my new friend is a Holga lens, fitted for my DSLR Nikon.

What on Earth, you may well ask, is the point of taking out of focus images with light leaks with a DSLR? To me, the point is that it’s fun to play. This next blog-series is about the Holga lens and the special look it creates.


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