Portrait, Holga 14, 2014

Karin Ott

The last image taken with a Holga lens this time around… I love the clean, crisp images of the DSLR but there’s a poetry in these kinds of images I want to explore further. I only wish it wasn’t so expensive to get film developed in Denmark. I would love to work with film cameras too.


The Baltic Sea, Holga 13, 2014

Karin Ott

It may appear to be against all rules of modern photography but I really like the plastic Holga lens for portraits. Here’s one of my daughter during our trip across the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea, Holga 10, 2014

Karin Ott

This spring my family and I went on a weekend trip to Helsinki. More images will follow but right now I want to show what I got out of bringing the Holga lens with me on our day trip to Tallinn. I find I need some peace and quite to play with the lens but there isn’t a whole lot to do while crossing the Baltic Sea so here you are…