Hyde Street Pier 5, SF 2013

Karin Ott

So much of San Francisco’s early days were based on the proximity to the sea and the coming and going of sailing ships. For instanse, some of the present land is landfill based on abandoned ships, deserted by the crew who left the ships to stay in the rapid growing city.


Christianshavn 3, 2012

Two pictures in the same post? Here’s why: This next series is from Christianshavn, a small, artificial island made from landfill located between the island Amager, where I live, and Copenhagen City, situated on the island Sjælland.

Christianshavn was founded in the early 17’th century. In my childhood most of the area was badly kept, but now it is a charming, renovated neighbourhood – attractive both because of the old buildings, the canals and the proximity to the city, yet with almost a village feel to it. The only problem is finding ways to photograph Christianshavn!

How can that be? Well, it’s almost too pretty and so it gets to be boring. I did find a way, a kind of kaleidoscopic puzzle, but before I post those pictures I wanted to give people not familiar with Copenhagen some idea about what the place looks like. Thus the two traditional tourist shots in this post.