Fairfax, CA, 2012

The next thing that caught my eye on my way through Fairfax, armed with my first ever DSLS camera, was the how the arch of the mural mirrored the arch of the building around the corner – the red color also mirrored in the mural.


Fairfax, CA, 2012

Fairfax is a small community in Marin County, north of the Golden Gate bridge. Turning off the 101 you drive through San Rafael and San Anselmo to get to Fairfax. It is a bit off the beaten track in a county with some of the highest real estate prices in the US. There is a lot of old-timer hippie feel about the place, and it is my impression that the people living here have a stronger sense of community and less of a need to show off income than in several of the other little towns.

On my vacation I brought my brand new camera to take pictures during my lasst visit this time around. First I found a tree of books and a tree of leaves.

Golden Gate Bridge, 2010

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, but Marin – just north of the Golden Gate Bridge – is a very special place of mine. That’s why I have chosen a picture of the Golden Gate to open this blog. I love the symbolic way the bridge spans into the mist. We know we’re going somewhere though we can’t see the goal.

This picture as well as the next are from before I got the Nikon. They are shot with a small Sony digital camera.