Tommy’s Guitars and Trading Post, Chicago 3

Well, last picture showed just how much is in this store so let’s break it down into details.

Along with these details, I owe Tommy an apology. Because when I came to shoot away to my heart’s content, Tommy had a lot of stories to tell. So I asked if I could come back and hear more. I could – and I never did. Life happened but I still don’t feel right about never returning.


Tommy’s Guitars and Trading Post, Chicago 1

Backstory: in 2019 I lived in the district East Garfield Park for 3 months, a district none of the people I hung out with through Meet-up had ever heard of (more about that later). The closest café was the Star Lounge Coffee Bar in the Ukrainian Village (there’ll be a feature on that one too) and across the street from there was Tommy’s Guitars and Trading Post. Obviously I absolutely had to check it out!