Reflections, Copenhagen 2012

Karin Ott

I’m a sucker for reflections. This was taken in December at my local café, Ingolfs Kaffebar on Amager. Cafés in Denmark are “hyggelige” – a Danish word without a proper translation, indicating something really nice, making you feel comfortable.


Ingolfs Kaffebar 5 – 2012

And so the last picture from Ingolfs’ this time around. I can’t promise there won’t be more. It is my ‘office’ and I come here every day.

My thought here is: why do flowers have to pretty to be worth photographing? Why not simple, slightly worn down flowers?

Ingolfs Kaffebar 4 – 2012

Originally I shot the portrait of the horse from a different angle. Turned out when I had a look that this shows the front of the café from a different view than usual. I can’t claim to be the first to think of this as I feel almost positive that I have seen this before. The photo doesn’t hang in the café anymore, though.