Remember spring? 7-2013

Karin Ott

Trying to remember if these are apple or cherry blossoms… Pretty none the less.


Remember spring? 1-2013

Karin Ott

Okay, so it’s the end of summer and any day now we’ll wake up to crips, cool mornings filled with dew knowing the days will get ever shorter. I’ve dug into my store of blog-worthy images (in my opinion anyway) and put together a series of shots from this spring.

This first one you can wonder if it’s spring or fall but you can almost sense the power that is just about to break loose…

Man’s Burden – New work up on my portfolio


Black man’s burden, white man’s burden, any man’s burden…

What do we carry, how do we carry it and how do we carry ourselves?

We all carry something – bags, water bottles, scars, excess weight, tattoos, emotional pain. Some of what we carry is evident as they are physical objects but the rest we can only speculate about.

With this body of work my intention is to focus on what people physically carry but to encourage the viewer to look deeper. I chose to make the images faceless as faces often draw our attention. My aim here is to look beyond facial expression.

We all have preset notions about a person from the way they look but often these notions tell us more about ourselves than about the person we are looking at. By considering what clues to the personality we can glean from just looking at the center of a person, what they carry, and how they carry themselves we might gain an insight into how we view ourselves.