8-Tallet 1, 2012

This is the first of two series from 8-Tallet (the number 8). This complex of apartments is designed by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group). Bjarke Ingels is only 37 but the man is way beyond cool. The 8 House is close to my home as are several of BIG’s early projects.

Yoga at Amager Beach 2, 2012

Loosen up, yoga studio, ayurvedic yoga massage, mindfulness, is just across the street from Amager Beach – very cool location. I hope the next time they have a yoga session by the beach the weather is kinder, and more people will come (the actual beach/sand is to the left in this picture).

Yoga at Amager Beach 1, 2012

A Monday in August I read on Facebook that Loosen up was giving a free yoga lesson down at the beach. Fie who runs Loosen up is a new friend of mine, and I thought about joining the crowd. But really, I would rather photograph the session so I contacted Fie to ask if it was okay for me to show up with my camera. I know, I know… public space, don’t have to ask permission, etc. – but I prefer to ­čÖé

Happily the three people that showed up on that dark and windy day (yes, it’s summer in Denmark) didn’t mind me taking pictures. I have two of them to show you on the blog.

Halvandet 6, Copenhagen 2012

Last picture in the Halvandet-series – and, of course, my favorite.

Just today I was standing at Amager Beach with a friend, pointing in the direction of tall chimneys and obvious signs of industry, telling her that this was where Halvandet was at. I don’t know how you would ever find this urban beach bar by coinsidence. You do pass it if you take a canal tour, but finding your way there in a car…?

Halvandet 5, Copenhagen 2012

A few rays of sun broke through the looming rain clouds.

Behind the cruise ship in the background is Langelinie, home of The Little Mermaid – and she really is small. Or dainty. From Halvandet you can also see The Marble Church, catch a glimpse of Amalienborg and sometimes of the royal yacht.