The Royal Café 15, Copenhagen 2013

Karin Ott

As I was working my way around The Royal Café, the waiter came with a plate of smushis (the owner’s invention of combining ‘smørrebrød’ with sushi). “Where would you like them?” he asked. “Øhh?” I answered.

The explanation was that I was there to photograph so here were smushis ready to be photographed. I looked at them for a bit and saw the attention to the work and the amazing details. I tried for some makro shots at first, then had an idea. What about shooting portraits of them? Above is the first shot in the series that evolved. The rest are in my portfolio. I give you – The Class of 2013!


The Royal Café 13, Copenhagen 2013

Karin Ott

I love graphic lines – here the distinct shape of the charming coffee cups, the hand painted flowers and the blurry background of the metallic tea pots. And the taste of the coffee matches the tasteful surroundings at The Royal Café

The Royal Café 7, Copenhagen 2013

Karin Ott

How cool can you get? Wrapping take-away cakes with this colour string? Only at The Royal Café in Copenhagen…

(And if you’re wondering why I link to them in every post it’s because the owner is super nice and friendly, let me photograph to my hearts content plus gave me coffee and ordered me to eat cakes)

The Royal Café 4, Copenhagen 2013

Karin Ott

Lo Østergaard, Royal Café, has found some amazing multi coloured chadeliers for her special place. In the foreground hangs one of the items for sale, based on the paper cuts of Hans Christian Andersen. He didn’t just write stories.