Christianshavn 2, 2012

As I wrote yesterday, Chrstianshavn is criss-crossed by canals. This is what some people do with them. I found this shot walking down to a café that is actually floating on one of the canals, Christianshavns Bådudlejning. You can rent the rowing boats from there.

Christianshavn, founded by King Christian VI, dates back to the early 17’th century and is more visually recognizable for the old restored buildings. But that’s for the next round of pictures from there – should be around next weekend…

Christianshavn 1, 2012

I usually post ‘clean’ pictures here. In this case, though, I played with my camera’s feature of fixing one color and rendering the rest black/white.
This shot is from a part of Copenhagen called Christianshavn. It is very old land fill and is littered with canals. A little further on there’ll be a whole series from Christinashavn.

Amager Beach 5 – 2012

What have we here? An invasion from outer space?

Nearly. The picture is taken on a large lawn right next to Amager Beach. The following day there was a small yoga festival. I did attend, with my camera, but this picture of the tents devoid of people was a far better motiv than anything else I saw.

Kronborg Castle 4 – 2012

Last round of swans – at least for this year. I’m still at the moat at the foot of Kronborg Castle. I had to admire the swan couple for a job well done. Young and inexperienced swans lose all their young ones to predators before the ducklings are more than a few days old. But this couple really know what they are doing.

Kronborg Castle 3 – 2012

While I was watching these beautiful creatures (who ever said the Ugly Duckling was ugly?) through my lense, two children tried to get close enough to pet them.

They didn’t come to any harm. I think the swan mom must be unsually calm. But don’t ever try to get near swans! They are huge birds, strong enough to brake an arm with their beak andusually aggresive when it comes to defending their young.

Kronborg Castle 2 – 2012

As I walked around the moat at Kronborg Castle I came upon this family of swans. So did all the other turists but I managed to find an angle without people. For this shot as well as the next I had to get down on the grass which was hard on my nylons. I don’t know what I was thinking of – wearing a dress with my camera…

Kronborg Castle 1 – 2012

Kronborg Castle is the most famous castle in Denmark. It was allegedly the home of Hamlet and certainly one of the most important Renaissance castle in Northern Europe – and I didn’t take a picture of it…

I only had a short time there, I stick my promise to not photograph the obvious, and I didn’t enter the castle.

What you see here is part of the battlement reflecting in the moat. The reflection was only the second thing I noticed. The first thing was the line of downspouts.