Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – 1

Karin Ott

Every year for the past 59 years European countries have competed against each other once a year in a song contest. This year the event is in Copenhagen because we won last year (only third time ever) and I have a press pas. So I’m going to deviate from my usual blog principal over the next coupe of weeks and post images that I just took.

Let’s start out easy with a classic celebrity shot, the Portuguese contestant Roxy signing autographs after the first press conference.

Copenhagen 6, 2013

Karin Ott

Here is the guard at the Queen’s residence. Every day at noon the change of guards starts at Rosenborg Castle where the barracks are. The guards walk through the city to be in place for the change at noon. It is not uncommon for people to follow them from Rosenborg to Amalienborg. I always feel very fond of my hometown when I accidentally come across the uniformed soldiers with their music corps marching along in the middle of the street.

Copenhagen 5, 2013

Karin Ott

Time to play the tourist…

View of the Marble Church across the square of Amalienborg. You can’t call Amalienborg a castle though the Queen lives here. They are four identical but separate buildings that were not originally meant to house the royal family.

I like how there’s free access to the area. You can walk right up to the buildings, even drive across the square. All you’ll see is the famous royal guard with their bearskin hats in front of their little red houses.

Copenhagen 4, 2013

Karin Ott

This used to be a news stand. It’s on Sankt Hans Torv – a great place to sit in the sun and drink coffee / wine / beer and eat brunch / lunch / croissants / dinner.

The square is within walking distance from the inner city (across the bridge from Nørreport Station) but the feel is very different. It is a multi ethnical neighborhood with many cafĂ©s, designer shops and ‘antique’ shops.