Marin Headlands 9, SF 2013

Karin Ott

Last toilet shot 🙂 I’ve submitted this a couple of times with the title “Attention!” (add military accent…). Hasn’t been accepted yet.

Marin Headlands 7, SF 2013

Karin Ott

This is where my husband starting pulling at me and hiss that I couldn’t just keeping taking photos in a bathroom people were using. Duh? Look at those pipes for the flushing. And the light bulbs. How could I pass this up? Even if I did climb on a stool to shoot it. At least I didn’t take pictures of people in the loo (well, I did take a few shots of rows of feet but I’m not posting them…)

Marin Headlands 4, SF 2013

Karin Ott

I am aware that my family is not always crazy about me being into photography. I wander off, I fall behind, I pose in strange ways to catch just the right angle, but this visit to the Headlands Center of the Arts probably hit a new high of embarrassment for my dear ones.

I swear we had no idea we had wandered into the bathroom. We were just looking around the halls, following the trickle of people and without even opening a door we found ourselves in this amazing room that used to be the toilet and shower facilities when the buildings housed military units. I whipped out the camera and went to work – only to be passed more than once by people in need of these particular toilets…