Front gardens 13, Esbjerg, Denmark 2012

Karin Ott

Okay, last shot with richly structured evergreens on a blurry background. I promise. At least for now…


Front gardens 3, Esbjerg, Denmark 2012


Okay, this is what happened. I went for a walk in Esbjerg North with my camera, wondering how I might make something fun and hopefully interesting out of the elaborate front gardens of this area. After a few test shots I found myself moving in closer – as often happens.

What I found when I did that surprised me. The gardens were beautiful!

Front gardens 1, Esbjerg, Denmark 2012

Karin Ott

Let me introduce this new series: While I live in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, my mother-in-law lives in Esbjerg, a mere 3 hour drive away. But it is a drive straight across the country and more things than you’d think are different.

One of the differences is the love of front gardens in my MIL’s neighbourhood. I have to admit that Peter and I usually get a laugh out of looking at them, and during our Christmas break I decided to photograph these frontgardens. The result might surprise you as it did me.