David Collection 9, Copenhagen 2014

Karin Ott

Presenting the last image from the David Collection in Copenhagen – a bowl with lid, cut from jade. The orange blossoms are listed only as semi-precious stones.


David Collection 6, Copenhagen 2014

Karin Ott

I love jewelry from India! The bigger, the better. But what are these pieces doing in the Islamic collection? Did you know that large areas of India was under Muslim rule? The period was called Mogul or the Mughal Empire. It began in 1526 and the last Mughal ruler was overthrown by the British in 1858.

Rubies and gold

18K gold, 164 rubies – handmade in India.

This two-for-one post celebrates two things – my camera and my bracelet. I wanted to show my bracelets to on-line friends at Pearl-Guide.com. I merely took the bracelet, hung it on the rosebush, pushed the release botton twice and it came out this beautiful. I don’t think it’s possible to go back from DSLR.

I bought the bracelet in India – in Chennai. Though the jewlery stores there are five stories high, I found this unique piece with 164 bezel set little rubies in an artisan shop, Amethyst – a combined caf and artisan store set in a lush, tropical garden.

If your sharp eye notice that some rubies appear to be missing, you are quite right. A few of them has fallen out.