Nordic Race 6, Amager Beach 2014

Karin Ott

I think people who ran this Nordic Race were incredibly cool. I would never be able to – and never really want to either. But I’ll be more than happy to take more images next time 🙂


Nordic Race 4, Amager Beach 2014

Karin Ott Here the runners had to walk the line along a metal pipe. It sounds manageable but the whole construction shook when more than one person tried to cross. If you fell down, there was a detour around some poles in the water.

Apparently the main problem was the water under the construction. More than one ankle and one knee was twisted. In fact, I think we were there when a woman broke her ankle.

In the image I caught a guy who got the wind blown out of him as he fell across the metal pipe.

Nordic Race 1, Amager Beach 2014

Karin Ott

Looking at the previous images from the Nature Day by the beach a few weeks ago, the place seemed pretty empty. This just goes to show how selectively you can photograph depending on what story you want to tell.

Walking just a few hundred meters the beach was packed with people running a 5 km. extreme race. The paper had only asked me to cover the Nature Day but I couldn’t pass up the other opportunity – greatly appreciated by the editor…