Christmas 13, 2012

Karin Ott

Fake pine and plastic – does it get anymore Chrismasy than this? Noooo!

Christmas 11, 2012

Karin Ott

This shot is from the Lucia celebration at my children’s school. On the 13’th they walk around with candles singing songs to the Italian saint Santa Lucia. For some reason she is very popular as part of the Christmas celebration on Scandinavia. Perhaps because she is associated with light at the darkest time of the year.

Christmas 7, 2012

Karin Ott

In Denmark we still take pride in making our own decorations for the tree. Already in ’82 when I went to college in the US, people looked at me as if I was an alien when I began braiding stars, making hearts and insisted that we used real, live candles on the trees at home.

This homemade heart is from a company get-together. It is traditional to fill such a heart with little cookies called ‘pebbernødder’.