Copenhagen 8, 2013

Karin Ott

“It ain’t over till the bearded lady sings…” Well, she did and we’re back.

Back to the change of the royal guards at Amalienborg – the Marble Church in the background.


Copenhagen 6, 2013

Karin Ott

Here is the guard at the Queen’s residence. Every day at noon the change of guards starts at Rosenborg Castle where the barracks are. The guards walk through the city to be in place for the change at noon. It is not uncommon for people to follow them from Rosenborg to Amalienborg. I always feel very fond of my hometown when I accidentally come across the uniformed soldiers with their music corps marching along in the middle of the street.

Copenhagen 5, 2013

Karin Ott

Time to play the tourist…

View of the Marble Church across the square of Amalienborg. You can’t call Amalienborg a castle though the Queen lives here. They are four identical but separate buildings that were not originally meant to house the royal family.

I like how there’s free access to the area. You can walk right up to the buildings, even drive across the square. All you’ll see is the famous royal guard with their bearskin hats in front of their little red houses.

Copenhagen 2012, 1

Karin Ott

One fine day in the fall I visited the district of Copenhagen called ├śsterbro. I went to photograph a fountain that turned out not to be turned on, but other motives begged to join the others here on the blog.

I am close to the Amalienborg where the queen lives, and the two houses in the background are there for her pleasure as she awaits to board the royal yacht, Dannebro.

Halvandet 5, Copenhagen 2012

A few rays of sun broke through the looming rain clouds.

Behind the cruise ship in the background is Langelinie, home of The Little Mermaid – and she really is small. Or dainty. From Halvandet you can also see The Marble Church, catch a glimpse of Amalienborg and sometimes of the royal yacht.