The 8 House 8, Copenhagen 2014

Karin Ott

The lines of the building itself, The 8 House, are clean. All patios are designed the same and the same trees and green are planted. But they can’t keep people living here from displaying colourful plastic furniture.

The 8 House 7, Copenhagen 2014

Karin Ott

The idea behind the 8 House is for it to function like a mountain village with houses perched on the hill sides and paths for people to walk through the village. I’ve been following the project from before they finished building it and have posted quite a few images by now of the clean and, to me, beautiful lines of the building. From tomorrow I’ll be sharing some images of what real life looks like at the 8 House.

The 8 House 4, Copenhagen 2014

Karin Ott

From the top of the 8 House…

The original idea was to copy a mountain village with a walk way running for about 1 km. winding up and down and in and out. Reality is tourists arriving by the bus loads and walk even in on people’s front patio to peak and take pictures. More on what happens to the clean lines when subjected to reality later.