Signs of Spring 19

Karin Ott

It doesn’t matter if we have to bundle up. Give us a ray of sun on the other side of February 1. and you’ll find someone soaking it up.

– Sharing work from my portfolio.


The Royal Café 7, Copenhagen 2013

Karin Ott

How cool can you get? Wrapping take-away cakes with this colour string? Only at The Royal Café in Copenhagen…

(And if you’re wondering why I link to them in every post it’s because the owner is super nice and friendly, let me photograph to my hearts content plus gave me coffee and ordered me to eat cakes)

Grønnegade, Copenhagen – 2012

On my way from photographing roof tops I came across this unintentional installation. First of all, I love the colours – the pink, green, and dark blue. Secondly my mind was challenged by the presence of bars. Seeing only this section, on what side of the bars are the roses – and thus us? Why are there bars? What are they keeping in – or out?