Rome 23, 2013

Karin Ott

The streets of Trastevera…


The 8 House – 13, 2012

The last picture of this session at the 8 House was also taken from across the artificial lake and still without tripod. I had spent 1 1/2 hour from dusk to darkness walking around and photographing. When I got home I was asked what I had been doing. “Didn’t you even have coffee?” “No, I didn’t have time.”

The 8 House – 12, 2012

On the night I visited the 8 House with my camera it was complety quiet. I realized that the complex reflected in the still water of the artificial lake and move to the other side of the lake to catch the full reflection.

I have no used no tripod on any of these shots. My Nikon lenses have vibration control and it works like a wonder. It was pitch dark by then but still the picture came out this clear.

The 8 House – 11, 2012

This is not unlike a picture in a former post – only at night – a lovely, warm summers night that was perfect for sitting outside in the dark.

The interior of the café is seen through the open door, the artificial lake and the undisturbed land to the right and the illuminated path leading up seven stories high in the middle.