The 8 House 9, Copenhagen 2014

Karin Ott

Having followed the building since before it was even finished, it is of great interest to me to see how it matures. People are creating their own individual spaces from what was identical. As I live ten minutes from there I intend to continue to follow the area.

The 8 House – 5, 2012

On an evening in August I returned to he 8 House (8-Tallet) to test the abilities of my Nikon D5100 to shoot pictures in the growing darkness. Almost to my surprise I spent 1.5 hour just walking around the complex and take pictures. It grew ever darker as you will see in this series of another eight pictures from Ørestad Syd. I came home with a bunch of very satisfying picture but sorting through them I felt increasingly clear about my objective: A goodlooking picture isn’t good enough if it’s only good on account of the architeture. If I did not not contribute something, a different view that was not obvious, the picture got deleted.