Petaluma 3, SF 2013

Karin Ott

There is lots to do and see (other than a great iron bridge) at a leisurely pace in Petaluma. One of our really fun experiences last year was deciding to take a tour of the Lagunitas Brewery.

I’ve done plenty of tours of Carlsberg in my time. A guide takes you around the facilities, you go through the museum and eventually you get to taste one beer for free. Well, this was California… At the appointed time the very large group of people waiting for the tour was packed into the bar (looking like some fraternity house). It took a while as they had to check all the ID’s. Then the guide told us the tasters would be coming up and once he was done handing out samples and telling stories, those who really wanted to were welcome to take a tour of the grounds.

Wonderfully entertaining with me driving from there as Peter got my samples too. Touring the grounds? Nah, why should we? We got what we came for and more so as the guide was a born entertainer. Highly recommended!


Petaluma 2, SF 2013

Karin Ott

This picture is from Petaluma. The town is a bit north of Marin, sort of between the sea and Sonoma Valley and for years, to us, it was mostly the place that hosted the nearest outlet center. But as there is an outlet center we’ve also kept stopping in Petaluma on the way and we are getting more and more charmed by the place.

The film American Graffiti was filmed here because of it’s 50’ies atmosphere. Once you get out of the car and take the time to walk around, you’ll find lots of little shops and in the past years they’ve claimed the area by the water to caf├ęs, the water being the northern part of the bay.