Project Amagerbrogade 133, 44-2013

Karin Ott

Remember the images from inside the building of peace and beauty even though it was about to be dismanteled? Well, this is what was left the last time I came to visit this summer – a layer of bricks as the outer walls and a hole in the middle.


Project Amagerbrogade 132, 15-2013

Karin Ott

In real time these shots are about one month old. I visit the building site pretty much once a week, and every time I think it won’t be possible reduce what’s left further. Once I got over the initial shock of how much of the building was to be removed, my thoughts are mostly concerned with if I might still find something to photograph. I always do but among other things this project has turned out to be a great exercise for me in finding motives even when I think there isn’t a single one.

Project Amagerbrogade 132, 3-2013

Karin Ott

When I first visited the building it looked at first sight as if there was already nothing left. But as I walked around and l focused on just being present, the place began to speak to me. In the end I spent over two hours photographing the ‘nothing left’.