Winter in Denmark 12, 2013

Karin Ott

Another straight forward B&W conversion in Lightroom 5. There’s something about the lack of colours in the fog with frosted surfaces that made me want to try to work with B&W a bit. On the other hand, the lack of colour makes what little is there all the more interesting – at least to me ūüôā I also fear I don’t know enough about how light works with B&W expressions so more practice is on my list.


Winter in Denmark 10, 2013

Karin Ott

It’s said that fog thins the veil between dimensions. I don’t know… But I can tell you what happened on the morning of this enchanting fog sprinkled with frost.

As I was happily snapping away, I was approached by a man along with his pal and his dog. They were on their way for a dip in the sea but the man stopped when he saw me and asked how I managed to focus in the fog. We talked for a while about photography. He told me how he had volunteered for a¬†local newspaper to learn more and try new things. I asked, only half in jest, if he ever needed an assistant. “Why don’t you just volunteer yourself?” he asked.

Within an hour I had written an email to the monthly magazine and I have been shooting for them since February. They are the reason I got press accreditation to the Eurovision Song Contest and trips like the one to Peberholmen. I’m having a grand time shooting assignments rather than always having to rely on my own inspiration and I’m learning a lot, including¬†about being able to do more than I thought. I also get to work with other people and get to share my images in print.

All in all, I am very grateful to the man I happened to talk to that morning in the fog. The only thing is, I never got his name. ‘My’ editor thought it was the other photographer on the magazine but it wasn’t. In fact none of the information I had matched anyone he and the other photographer knew. I guess the important part is I followed an idea and wound up in the right place.

Winter in Denmark 9, 2013

Karin Ott

On a fortunate morning in February, there was frost on the ground and fog in the air. I couldn’t get the kids to school fast enough, threw my camera in my car, and headed straight for the beach. I was hoping the fog would hold and it did. This is from the lawn behind the marina by the beach. The round doughnut looking things are¬†orange benches.